New changes for RON’s Studio

Our studio has moved from Goodman Art Centre to a private studio in Woodlands. We are sorry to inform that we will not be conducting anymore indoor studio workshops or classes as Teacher Ron has decided to focus on her artist career, in preparation for bigger shows next year…BUT! Good news is Teacher Ron will be offering private lessons! Instead of having fun in a studio, she will come right to your door and conduct art classes just like before! Lesson content will be much more flexible too. Teacher Ron welcomes suggestions and ideas from all of you! Please email us at if you are interested or have any enquiries. Thank you once again for all your support, I look forward to seeing you soon!


With warmest regards,

Teacher Ron

March & April workshop: All About Painting + Art Jamming (all ages!)

hand and brush

March & April workshop: All About Painting + Art Jamming (all ages!)


  • Parent & Child session S$80/per pair/3hrs
  • Adult session S$50/per person/3hrs

Date and time:

  • Parent & Child (16~20th March 1-4pm), (Every Sunday for April 1-4pm)
  • Adult (Every Saturday for March & April 1-4pm)

Class Size: Min.3 to Max.6

Venue: RON’s Studio, Blk B #03-03, Goodman Arts Centre, 90 Goodman Road, S439053

Ever wonder why a painting works with just a few strokes and colours? Or ever get curious about the trades and tools of painting? If you are, come and get to know the little secrets and tricks in making a painting work through “All About Painting” workshop by artist Ron Wong! Apart from learning, it is definitely going to be a great bonding time for all families and friends too!

About the workshop: You will be taught how to paint and learn about the usage of tools and the magic of colour mixing for the first hour of workshop, followed by your own personal art jamming session for 2 hours. (Additional time will be charged at $8/hr)

There will be 2 types of workshops: Parent & child / Adult. Each type is customized to suit the different needs and focus of students.

For Art Jamming session, you may want to bring a picture for reference or create your own imaginative concept on the spot. Each person will be provided with

  • one standard 46cm x 46cm canvas
  • one easel
  • one palette
  • brushes
  • apron
  • Unlimited flow of acrylic paint.

For parent and child, you can choose to work on separate standard canvas or together on one large 60cm x 60cm canvas. Please state your preference in your registration.

Last but not least, we have nice brewed coffee, tea, juices, and finger snacks in our cosy studio, all free and self-service. Please help to keep the place clean as the workshop is conducted in an artist’s private studio, we do not hope to have ants visiting us soon!

Time for workshops again!

Finally, Teacher Ron is back and ready to conduct more workshops! It has been a really long period of time since I put my classes on hold and focus on my solo exhibition and projects. I really miss doing my creative workshops and I sincerely apologise for being away for so long. Thank you to all of my students and dear parents who have been constantly supporting and remembering my workshops, thank you for the wishes and emails!

Upcoming in March and April, I will be conducting a painting workshop for all ages, it comes together with an art jamming session. Welcome all families and friends to join! It is going to be a great experience and bonding time for all at Teacher Ron’s cosy studio. Stay tuned for updates soon!

Last but not least, Private Lesson is also available now. Flexible timing and customized lesson. Please email for more information.

Meanwhile, let me share some photos of my solo exhibition and events from last year…

  • 3rd solo show titled “Homecoming by Ron Wong” at the prestigious 14th Ernst & Young ASEAN Art Outreach Exhibition 2013 at the Ernst & Young Gallery, Singapore.

EY-Asean-Art-Outreach---Ron-Wong---037 EY-Asean-Art-Outreach---Ron-Wong---047 EY-Asean-Art-Outreach---Ron-Wong---065 EY-Asean-Art-Outreach---Ron-Wong---089


  • Group show titled “For the Love of…” at ION Gallery Singapore 2013 by Jada Artsjada_arts_01 jada_arts_02 jada_arts_03


  • Horse on parade titled “Palate” at TripleOne Somerset 2014

palate_01 palate_02 palate_03 palate_04

Thanks to all parents and friends for the year of 2012!

To all Dear Parents and Friends,
Thank you so much for all your support for the past year. It’s been a great journey with all of you! RON’s Studio is now heavily scheduled with major projects and shows for this and early half of 2013. We will not be able to conduct art lessons for this period of time, but we will continue to to update and inform all parents on any new programmes once we are able to resume our lessons.
Once again, thank you for your understanding and support for RON’s Studio. We look forward to seeing you and your children in the future!
Warmest regards,

2012 June Holidays Creative Workshop for Children!

It’s holiday finally! RON’s Studio is bringing back some of the most popular workshops this June! Learn about artists and have fun in art making! Limited availabilty, register now!

Age: 5 to 11 (welcome adults too!)

Period: 01/06 – 18/06

Time: 1:00-3:15pm

Fees: S$100/workshop (2.15hrs x 2 days session)

No. of Intake: min.2 to max.4 per class. (Limited availability!)

Venue: Ron’s Studio, Goodman Arts Centre, 90 Goodman Road, Blk B, #03-03 (S)439053

(All materials inclusive.)


1. MIRO’S LAMP………..difficulty: **

Dates: 01/02      03/04       05/06

Children get to explore into creative symbolism art of Joan Miro and develop their conceptual and organization skill through painting with watercolour on the lampshade. The workshop emphasizes on line and shape painting and also helps in training children on details and accuracy. Top most favorite workshop so far!


2. ROUSSEAU’S MAGIC FARAWAY LAND………..difficulty: *****

Dates: 07/08      09/10      11/12

Let’s make a 3D jungle collage! Through the step by step tasks, children get to learn and understand the flow and importance of different stages in the making of a complete artwork. This is a workshop that trains precision and composition skill in a child. And of course, children will get to learn about artist Henri Rousseau, and get inspired by his famous Naive Style!


3. BUILD A HOUSE!………..difficulty: ****

Dates: 13/14      15/16      17/18

Ever thought of being an architect? Now is the chance to fulfill your dream! Build a House workshop allows children to build up a 3D architecture with paper and boxes, and understand  basic concepts of space, structure, proportion and drawing. Children also get to learn about Austrian artist Hundertwasser and be inspired by his creative building art!

2012 May Creative Workshop for Children

May workshop: Build a House! (age5-11)

Fees: S$100/workshop (2.15hrs x 2 sessions)

Time: Weekdays 4:00-6:15pm   l   Saturday & Sunday 1:00-3:15pm

Date: 26/27     28/29     30/31

Venue: Ron’s Studio, Goodman Arts Centre, 90 Goodman Road, Blk B, #03-03 (S)439053

Ever thought of being an architect? Building your very own multi-storey building with all sorts of facilities? Or building a dream house for your parents? Now is the chance to fulfill your dream! RON’s Studio is presenting BUILD A HOUSE workshop this May which allows children to learn about space, building structure, proportion drawing and colouring through the making of a 3D building with paper and boxes. Children also get to learn about Austrian artist Hundertwasser and be inspired by his creative building art. This is definitely a fun-filled workshop that cannot be missed! Check out for more details and register now!

(All materials inclusive.)

2012 April Creative Workshop for Children

April workshop: Mosaic Mural!(age5-11)

Fees: S$100 (2.15hrs x 2 sessions)

Date & Time: 19/20 (5:00-7:15pm)    l   21/22 (1:00-3:15pm)

Venue: RON’s Studio, Goodman Arts Centre, 90 Goodman Road, Blk B #03-03, S439053

Get to know and be inspired by Gustav Klimt the great decorative artist this April! Children get to design a mosaic mural using bits and pieces of papers and fabrics. Children get to learn more about colours, importance of ornaments and how to create patterns of their own, thus building up a stronger patterning skill in them! Check out for more details now!

(All materials inclusive.)